Economic Plans for Manu’a Included in American Samoa’s Strategy Plan

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Radio New Zealand International

Economic development plans for the Manu’a Island group in American Samoa will be included in the territory’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, a project of the Department of Commerce working with the Territorial Planning Commission.

A contractor for the project, Lewis Wolman has for the last four months, interviewed private and public sector leaders and other community members for their input on the blue print for the territory’s economic development over the next decade.

Mr. Wolman has told a Senate committee meeting that during the course of his work he had learnt that among the economic developments for Manu’a islands, is a fishery co-op project, which is supported by the Western Pacific fisheries council for Manu’a.

He also says two separate organizations in the island group would like to create an agriculture co-op, similar to the fishery co-op.