Quasi- Public Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations

KVZK TV Station (Public Information Office)

NEG participants placed at KVZK TV Station helped with clean-up, road clearance and provided assistance to the documentation of the Disaster Recovery, as well as to the camera crew for television coverage of the FEMA Disaster Recovery Program

Development Bank of American Samoa

Hired NEG participants as loan and collections officers; operations, grants, and data entry clerks; and as survey and electrical technicians and carpenters to help extant staff repair property, relocate staff, and restore pre-disaster capacity

Territorial Administration on Aging: Recovery Through our Seniors Project

The “Recovery Through our Seniors” (Toe Afua Mai Matua) Project of the Territorial Administration on Aging hired NEG participants as Senior Support Mentors responsible for utilizing cultural, language and seniority skills, and wisdom and life experience to engage other seniors in the process of talking, sharing, and establishing stronger opportunities to allow for dialogue to continue and for seniors to re-enter and integrate back into the community, and covered seven of the agency’s 26 functioning worksites throughout the Territory

The Pualele Foundation

The Pualele Foundation’s mission was to help survivors physically and emotionally. The foundation engaged 24 NEG participants in light debris removal, cleaning and crisis counseling management, with some trainees earning a crisis counseling certificate from the Red Cross and the local Dept of Human Social Services

LBJ Tropical Medical Center

NEG participants were hired to assist in the departments of infection control, the morgue, housekeeping and maintenance, and radiology. In addition to helping with remodeling, repairing and alteration of the Medical Center's vicinity

Emergency Medical Services

Deployed temporary workers as certified Basic Emergency Medical Technicians, First Responders, a program coordinator, an administrative assistant and a maintenance custodian

The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority

Recruited NEG participants to support personnel administration, accounting, inventory control, customer service and all aspect of permanent restoration of telecommunications services to affected residents and businesses including telephone repair and maintenance, telephone pole placement, key systems installation and maintenance, cable splicing, repair and maintenance of cellular communication systems / equipment / component construction of underground conduits and pulling fiber, equipment and vehicle repair and maintenance, map creation, GIS (geographic information systems) computer-aided

American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA)

Hired temporary workers from the NEG program to support five Divisions: Solid Waste, Water, Business and Finance / Accounting, Records Recovery, and the Facilities, Safety And Maintenance Division, and one as a utility worker. Participants were involved in clean-up and debris removal, construction, grounds keeping and landscaping, pump maintenance, water well chemical injection and water tank refill, responding to water quality trouble calls, and clerical duties such as timesheets, generating/closing work requests, phone directory management, and filing

American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture and Humanities (ASCACH)

NEG participants were hired to cleanup and refurbish ASCACH’s Headquarters and the Jean P. Haydon Museum

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