Government Departments

The Environmental Protection Agency

Employed NEG participants as laboratory field assistants and a water program field assistant to help meet the agency's increased demand for water quality monitoring as a result of the tsunami

The Department of Education

Hired NEG participants as foreman, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, general laborers, and clerks to rebuild and renovate damaged and destroyed schools and classrooms

The Department of Commerce

Hired NEG participants to help meet the influx of land use permit application demands of the community in the wake of the tsunami and to help provide customer support and enforce the project notification review system, and help map evacuation routes.

The Department of Agriculture

Engaged NEG participants in crop restoration, veterinarian assistance to livestock farmers, stray dog control, surveillance and eradication of invasive species hazardous to plants and animals

Legal Affairs Office of the Attorney General

Hired NEG participants as clerks, typists and administrative assistants.


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