New Developments Possible For American Samoa’s Manu’a Islands

New Developments Possible For Am. Samoa’s Manu’a Islands
Agricultural, transportation strategies considered

By Fili Sagapolutele

Pacific 2020: Challenges and Opportunities for Growth

This document assesses the economic status of the Pacific Islands and identifies opportunities for growth and development.

Pacific 2020 Background Paper: Framework for Growth

To summarize the Growth Experience of developing countries over 25 years in order to inform Growth and Development Strategies in the South Pacific.

HUD Programs and Funding in Insular Areas

Excerpt from HUD Programs and Funding in Insular Areas, presented at the 2012 IGIA :

2. Funding levels in FY 2010 - FY 2012
a. Office of Public and Indian Housing
i. Public Housing
1. There are no public housing projects in American Samoa. American Samoa has inquired about becoming a PHA, but does not have the funding for Public to start the program.


ii. Section 8
1. Housing Choice Voucher
a. There are no Section 8 HCV or HUD Multifamily Housing units in the American Samoa.

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